Parent visas for Australia

Sponsor your parent to move to Australia

Parents whose child is an Australian citizen or Australian permanent resident, or eligible New Zealand citizen and lives in Australia may be eligible for a parent visa for Australia.

Australian parent visa categories

parent visaIf you are an Australian citizen, permanent resident, or an eligible New Zealand citizen, and you currently live in Australia, you may be eligible to support your parent(s) for an Australian visa.

There are three main categories of parent visas:

  • contributory: a temporary visa leading to Permanent residence
  • non-contributory: a temporary visa leading to Permanent residence
  • temporary sponsored visa: a temporary visa allowing a maximum cumulative stay of 10 years

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Contributory visas

What are the Australian Contributory Parent visas subclasses?

The contributory parent visa subclasses are:

  • Sc 173 temporary visa and Sc 143 permanent visa, available to parents of any age
  • Sc 884 temporary visa, and Sc 864 permanent visa, available to those of pension age.

Parents can choose to apply for a temporary visa first which will be issued for 2 years and then transition to the permanent visa where the higher application fees will be payable, which will allow them to spread the visas cost over 2 years.

Alternatively parents, can apply for a permanent residence visa upfront.

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Non-contributory visas
Temporary visa

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