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What is it like to live in Australia?

Life in Australia can be quite diverse and varied depending on where you live and your individual circumstances. Australians are known for their laid-back and relaxed lifestyle, with a strong emphasis on outdoor activities, sports, and spending time with family and friends. A diverse and multicultural society largely built on migration, with many different ethnic groups and a strong Indigenous culture have lead the country to become known for its tolerance and acceptance of different cultures and lifestyles. The country has a strong coffee culture, and dining out is popular in major cities.

With a diverse climate with hot summers and mild winters in the north, and a temperate climate in the south, it's a very pleasant country to live in.

Australia has a relatively egalitarian work culture, with a strong emphasis on work-life balance and flexible working arrangements. Overtime pay and paid leave entitlements are standard for most workers.

Australia's universal healthcare system called Medicare, provides free or subsidised healthcare for eligible residents.

A high-quality education system (both at school level, and with many highly ranked universities and vocational education and training providers) make Australia a popular destination for young families.

While Australia has a relatively high cost of living, with higher costs for housing, food, and utilities compared to certain other countries, salaries are also on the high side. It's important to do your research and plan ahead to ensure a smooth transition and successful experience. This is section is meant to help provide information on what you can expects from your life in Australia.



How to rent, where to buy, where to live



Public system, private insurance, eligibility...


Bank account, money transfers, tax...


How to rent, where to buy, where to live


Buy a car, transfer your licence...


Settlement services

How to settle successfully in Australia


Bringing a container

Importing your belongings, customs, and biosecurity

Climate, flora, fauna

All you need to know about Australia's wonderful nature


Pet relocation matters

Cultural differences

Australian slang and culture shock

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