Services for prospective migrants

Find out how Australian Shores can help you achieve your migration plans

How can Australian Shores help me with my move to Australia?

Australian Shores offer a range of services related to immigration to Australia. Some of the services we provide include:

Visa assessments

Our Migration agents can assess your eligibility for various visa categories based on your personal circumstances, qualifications, and work experience.

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Visa application assistance

We can assist you in preparing and submitting your visa application, ensuring that all required documents are submitted on time and in the correct format.

Skills assessments

As part of your visa application, we can help you with obtaining a skills assessment if required for certain visa categories.

Advice on immigration law

Our Migration agents are knowledgeable about Australian immigration laws and regulations and can provide guidance on how to comply with them.

Appeals and reviews

If your visa application has been refused, migration agents can help you with appealing the decision or applying for a review of the decision.

Employer sponsorship

We can help employers who wish to sponsor skilled workers to obtain the necessary visas.

Employer services

Education and student visas

Australian Shores partners with a wide range of education providers and we can assist with student visa applications and provide advice on education and training opportunities in Australia, as well as enrolment.

I have a job

If you have been offered employment by an Australian employer, there are temporary and permanent visa options

I don't have a job yet

Depending on your skillset and profile, you may be eligible for Australian residency without a job offer

I want to study

If you wish to study in Australia, there are several things you need to consider.

I want to visit

There are several visa options for you to come and visit Australia. Find out which is the most appropriate for your needs.

I want to bring/join a partner

Whether you wish to bring a partner from overseas, or join your Australian partner in Australia, several temporary and residence options are available.

I want to bring/join family

There are several visa categories that will allow you to settle in Australia permanently if you have a skillset that is in high demand here. Find out about the points calculation and eligibility criteria for Visa Sc 189, 190, and 491.

I want to do business/invest

Find out your entrepreneur and investment visa options, depending on your plans and budget.

How do I get citizenship?

You may be eligible to seek Australian citizenship, or we can help you build a pathway to becoming Australian.

Not sure what visa is right for you?

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