How to calculate points for an Expression of Interest


Do you qualify to submit an Expression of Interest under one or more of the points-tested General Skilled Migration (GSM) visas?

What are the requirements?

Before you even qualify for points under this category, you must be aware that there are, like for other visas, requirements of:

The Points System: How many points can you claim for your Expression of Interest?

The following table details in what areas you can claim points towards the required minimum of 65 points threshold. Our Registered Agents know policy in and out and they will calculate your points based on the information you provide.

at least 18 but less than 25 years25
at least  25 but less than 33 years30
at least  33 but less than 40 years25
at least  40 but less than 45 years15
English language skills
Skilled employment experience
Qualifications (for your highest qualification only)
Specialist education qualification
Australian study
Study in regional Australia
Australian work experience
Credentialed community language
Partner skills

What happens if I do not reach the minimum point score of 65?

You may be eligible for a temporary work visa (Sc 482) which may provide a pathway to residence. Or there are other visa/pathway to residence under different instructions. Ask our Registered Migration Agents for a free Assessment. They will provide you with options for your particular situation.

There may also be ways you can increase your points total.

Find out how

Am I guaranteed selection at 65 points?

Every quarter the Department of Home Affairs selects the Expressions of Interest starting from those with highest ranking.
Your EOI can stay in the pool for 2 years, thus there is a fairly good chance it may be selected within this timeframe, and the higher your points are, the more likely it is to happen.

If selected, you will be Invited to Apply (ITA) for Sc 189 visa and will need to submit your visa application within 2 months from the date of ITA. This is when you will submit supporting information (qualifications, transcripts, work references, English certificates, etc.).

It may take several months for your file to be allocated to an immigration officer and up 28 months for the decision to be made. We as migration agents will act on your behalf and will respond to any queries raised during the process.


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