Contributory parent visas

You can sponsor your parent to secure Permanent residence in Australia

Contributory parent visas are more expensive than non-contributory visas but are processed much faster.

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Contributory Parent visas for Australia

While they are an expensive option, they are processed faster than the alternative (non-contributory) option. You may also apply for the temporary contributory visa first, and then transition to the permanent contributory visa after two years – this will allow you to spread the costs.

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What are the details of the Contributory Parent visa categories?

The contributory parent visa subclasses are:

  • Sc 173 temporary visa and Sc 143 permanent visa, available to parents of any age.
  • Sc 884 temporary visa, and Sc 864 permanent visa, available to those of pension age.

Parents can choose to apply for a temporary visa first which will be issued for 2 years and then transition to the permanent visa where the higher application fees will be payable – this will allow them to spread the visas cost over 2 years. Or alternatively parents can apply for a permanent residence visa upfront.

Holders of a temporary Contributory Parent visa can

  • live in Australia for up to 2 years
  • work and study in Australia (you will not be entitled to government support)
  • enrol in Medicare, Australia's public health care scheme
  • apply for a permanent visa in due course

Holders of a permanent Contributory Parent visa can

  • stay in Australia indefinitely
  • work in Australia for any employer or be self-employed
  • study in Australia as a domestic student
  • receive free or subsidised health care at publicly funded health services (Medicare)
  • receive free education at state-run primary and secondary schools, and subsidised fees for domestic students at private schools and tertiary institutions
  • be a sponsor for eligible relatives to come to Australia
  • if eligible, apply for Australian citizenship

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