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Our Immigration Advisers and Registered Migration agents are licensed by the Office of the Migration Agents Registration Authority for Australia (MARA) or the Immigration Advisers Authority for New Zealand (IAA). With years of practical and professional experience, you can be assured they will handle your visa application in the best possible way.

Rashi Nanda


Immigration Case Administrator

Rashi is assisting our team from India. She has been a part of the Immigration industry/field since 2011, and fortunate to begin her journey with Immigration New Zealand. In a ten-year tenure with INZ Mumbai as Immigration Officer and then as a Technical Adviser, she gathered extensive experience of processing different categories of visa applications from varied nationalities, thus broadening her knowledge and understanding of the entire immigration process. As a Technical Adviser, she would share her knowledge and experience with the teams by way of providing training, doing quality checks, assist in interpreting instructions, and making informed decision on visa applications.

Rashi is currently assisting our team of licensed advisers with client case management.

Outside of work, Rashi likes spending time with family and close friends. Her ideal vacation/getaway would be somewhere in the midst of nature with an unlimited supply of tea!

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